Recognising the Vital Role of AvMA in Transforming Healthcare Support

Attwaters Accidents, The AvMA, and Healthcare Support


As active volunteers on the helpline, we have witnessed first-hand the invaluable impact of Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA). They provide crucial advice and support to individuals affected by avoidable harm in healthcare.


In light of recent discussions about the challenges in accessing justice due to reduced fixed costs, we believe it is essential to highlight The AvMA and Healthcare Support. The AvMA plays a pivotal role in bridging this gap and offering guidance to those who have suffered from healthcare negligence.


Our experience on the helpline has shown us that AvMA continues to be a beacon of hope. This is particularly true, if you’re navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. The AvMA is especially helpful during times when fixed costs may limit your access to justice. Above all AvMA’s commitment to assisting those who have suffered avoidable harm is commendable, and its impact on patient safety and justice is immeasurable.


How the AvMA Formed

In a recent letter to The Guardian, Cynthia Ransley eloquently shared the story of her husband Peter Ransley’s 1980 BBC Play for Today, “Minor Complications,” which highlighted the real-life struggles of Stella Burnett due to medical negligence. This production served as a catalyst for the formation of AvMA, as it brought attention to the lack of support for individuals facing similar challenges in the absence of helplines.


The AvMA today

AvMA’s journey over the past 40 years has been transformative, providing advice, support, and a voice for countless individuals affected by healthcare negligence. The organisation’s impact extends beyond individual cases, influencing the broader healthcare landscape by elevating patient safety on the national agenda and driving significant changes in the legal and health systems’ approach to clinical negligence.


The AvMA and Healthcare Support

As volunteers committed to supporting those in need, we are proud to align ourselves with AvMA’s mission and continue to advocate for its vital role in ensuring justice and support for individuals affected by avoidable harm in healthcare.


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