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Personal Injury Claims – Case Studies


Your friendly team are experts in a wide variety of personal injury claims. Take a look at the following case studies to see some of the many successes we’ve achieved for our clients.

The case studies are true cases but to maintain our client’s privacy and our professional confidentiality obligations we have not identified the names of our clients.


Read how we've built strong cases for clients like you

Accident in a Shop

“I literally reached in to pick up my lunch from the hot food counter and burnt my hand on an exposed light bulb, I had a nasty burn and scar and received proper compensation for my injury.”

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Accident Involving a Child

“My son fell and broke his elbow when playing on a trampoline at a local farm park and … he had to have 3 operations … he was compensated for his injuries and the risk of further symptoms in the future. I was so pleased with the help I received from Attwaters.”

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Action Against the Police

“I wanted to do something about it as I didn’t feel it was right, everyone told me that you never win against the Police but I felt very strongly that the police dogs shouldn’t be allowed to just go around biting people who were not doing anything wrong.”

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Beauty Treatment Claim

“Negligent hair removal treatment left me with burns on my face and the therapist just ignored me.  Attwaters secured me compensation for my injuries.”

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Chronic Pain Claim

“I was the front seat passenger driven by my husband, It was a cold December evening. Suddenly we saw a car was heading towards us on our side of road he could do nothing  the next thing there was an almighty bang. I can remember a deathly silence and stillness.”

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Fatal Accident Claim

“Suddenly he was gone, he was taken away from his family through no fault of his own. I was told that because the accident was caused by the other driver I may be able to get some compensation to help us financially.

I went to see Attwaters, they were very friendly and understanding, and explained to me that I could make a dependency claim for the loss of income from my husbands earnings.”

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Road Traffic Accident Claim

Trevor was only 42 years old when he was knocked down whilst crossing a busy 3 lane dual carriageway one early summers morning, he was on his way to work. He sustained a very serious head injury resulting in permanent brain damage as well as orthopaedic injuries, the head injury meant that he could not remember anything about the accident, we had to forensically examine all of the evidence and build the case so that Trevor recovered some compensation to help make his life more comfortable.

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Serious Injury Claim

“I was working for a builders merchant as a delivery driver when I had an accident delivering bricks to a building site…I suffered multiple injuries including a fractured skull, fracture of the right eye socket, a bleed in the brain, and multiple fractures into the lower cervical spine… I was very happy with the way Attwaters advised me and conducted my case.”

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Trips and Slips Claim

“…suddenly and without warning I found myself hitting the ground really heavily. I was in terrible pain and shock… I’d never been through a trial before, but I was guided and supported by my lawyer and her team, she instructed a barrister to represent me and I am delighted to say we won.”

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Work Injury Claim

“I had worked in the printing industry since leaving school. I was 58 when the accident happened and had been with my firm for almost 30 years. I had a nasty accident at work and suddenly that was it. I couldn’t go back to printing and lost my job and struggled to get anything else. Attwaters recovered compensation for my injuries my lost earnings and my future losses until retirement.”

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Work Accident Claim

“I was crushed at work by a reversing lorry, I’m told I’m lucky to be alive… Not only did Attwaters help me get a good result they also advised me to protect my compensation in a Personal Injury Trust. I was referred to the Trust Team who have set this up for me.”

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You can trust us to work for you. But don’t take our word for it – take a look at our many successful claims. See just how good we are.

Attwaters Accidents is the Personal Injury department of the trusted, long-established firm Attwaters Jameson Hill.

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