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Case studies

Your friendly team are experts in a wide variety of medical negligence claims. Take a look at the following case studies to see some of the many successes we’ve achieved for our clients.

Attwaters Accidents is the medical negligence department of the trusted, long-established firm Attwaters Jameson Hill.

Read how we've built strong cases for clients like you

Birth Injury Claim

We acted for Mrs B who suffered a 4th degree tear whilst giving birth to her daughter. It was our case the tear and subsequent surgery was caused by the Hospital’s negligence. Although liability was disputed the claim settled shortly before trial for £75,000.

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Blood Clot Claim

We acted for Mrs G who  developed a Deep Vein Thrombosis “DVT” and subsequently a Pulmonary embolism as a result of the hospital failure assess her within 24 hours of admission for a DVT. After negotiations had taken place we settled Mrs G’s claim for £80,000.

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Care Home Neglect Claim

We acted for Mrs B who suffered an unwitnessed fall and broke her femur whilst in a care home where she was receiving respite care. The Defendants initially denied that they were responsible for the fall but after some negotiations we settled the claim in Mrs B’s favour for £17,500.

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Cosmetic Surgery Claim

We represented Mrs M in claim against Mr M for negligent rhinoplasty surgery “a nose job”. We recovered £20,000 on her behalf for her physical and mental suffering and the cost of the revision surgery.

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C-Section Injury Claim

Ms A suffered an iatrogenic bladder injury during a caesarean section. During the repair it was noted that a further injury had been caused to the bladder by the sutures used to close the uterus and this also required repair.

The claim was settled for £5,000.

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Delayed Diagnosis Claim

We acted for Mr K in a claim where the Defendants failed to pick up a bowel leak and when they did delaying in undertaking surgery to fix this. As a result Mr K was left with a colostomy bag for the rest of his life. We obtained a settlement of £60,000.

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Dental Negligence Claim

We acted for Mr H in a dental negligence case against Dr S. Mr H had been seeing Dr S for over 10 years and Dr S was supposed to provide implants which were fit for purpose. He failed to do this and eventually the case was brought to the attention of the General Dental Council and subsequently Mr H approached us. After obtaining details of the costs of rectifying the damage, caused by Dr S’s negligence, we recovered £40,000 for Mr H.

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Diagnosis Delay Claim

Ms L attended the hospital with difficulties walking unaided.  In hospital her symptoms deteriorated but there was a failure to conduct the necessary neurological investigations. L had a spinal tumour which was causing compression but by the time it was diagnosed she  had been left with paralysis of the lower limbs and permanent loss of bladder and bowel function.

The claim settled for £50,000

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Medical Negligence Compensation Case

We secured Medical Negligence Compensation in the case of Mr TS. An award for damages in the amount of £575,000 was granted for our client Mrs TS whose husband died as a result of a failure to be referred for surgical repair of a large diaphragmatic hernia and loop of colon which went on to develop into a volvulus (twist of the intestine), bowel necrosis, perforation, and peritonitis.

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Meningitis Claim

We acted for FB a 13-month-old child who suffered irreversible brain damage and deafness as a result of the hospital’s failure to take an adequate examination when FB first went into hospital. The claim settled after a successful appeal to the Court of Appeal for £4,000,000.

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Misdiagnosis Claim

We acted for Mr X, a taxi driver, who suffered fractures to his fingers which were not picked up on the original and subsequent X-Rays and scans and as a result Mr X suffered unnecessary pain and suffering and loss of earnings. We settled the claim in Mr X’s favour for £20,000.

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Negligent Surgery Claim

We secured an award for damages in the amount of £1.5million for our client Mr AX who suffered permanent debilitating neurological injury with psychological sequelae following negligent spinal surgery.

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Neurology Claim

We initially acted for Mrs J and subsequently for her estate in this case where we alleged the Hospital’s neurological department failed to pick up the signs of Glioma and if they had Mrs J would not have suffered ongoing uncontrolled epileptic seizures. The claim was finally settled for £90,000.

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Nursing Care Claim

We acted for Mrs W who suffered an unwitnessed fall whilst in hospital. The Hospital accepted they had acted negligently and settled Mrs W’s claim for £195,000 which included a significant amount for the fees Mrs W was now paying to stay in a care home.

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Optician Error Claim

We acted for Mrs L in a claim against an ophthalmic surgeon, Mr F who failed to perform surgery when it was clearly indicated and failed to make a correct diagnosis which resulted in significant sight loss for Mrs L. We recovered £140,000 on behalf of Mrs L.

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Prescription Error Claim

We acted for Mrs MX who suffered 20 months pain and suffering and required a second shoulder replacement following a negligent failure to recognise that her shoulder had dislocated following the primary replacement.  We negotiated a successful settlement of £17,000.

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Psychiatric Injury Claim

We acted for AL and her children in case where ZL the husband of AL and father to the three children left voluntary mental healthcare and returned home, doused him and AL in petrol and set fire to himself and the house resulting in his death. AL fortunately managed to escape. It was our case that the Hospital which was looking after ZL should have notified AL he was returning home and if he had done AL would have ensured that she and the children were out of the house. We managed to secure a settlement for AL and her children of £20,000.

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