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Mr CA recovered £6,500

Prescription Error Claim Case Study

Repeated errors in Mr CA’s Prescription resulted in a successful award of £6,500 in damages.


We successfully recovered compensation for our client Mr CA. His prescription error claim was due to an injury as a result of repeated errors in his prescriptions.

Patient Background

Mr CA, with a history of mental health issues, was under the care of the Defendant. They were responsible for his complex prescription needs.

Continuous Errors

Over several months, repeated errors occurred in Mr CA’s prescriptions, exacerbating his condition.

Medical Evidence

We obtained evidence, including a medical report from an expert psychiatrist, demonstrating how these errors significantly impacted Mr CA’s psychological stability.

Legal Action

A Letter of Claim was sent to the Defendant outlining our allegations, leading to negotiations.

Compensation Award

Despite no formal admissions, we secured an award of £6,500 in damages for our client, Mr CA.

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