“Everyone told me that you never win against the Police…

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I got justice and my lawyer secured a lump sum award from the police.

I had been to a football match, after the match I popped to the pub for a pint.  It wasn’t late when I left I had only had 1 pint.  The police were outside the pub, directing the away fans to the train station.

There were quite a few of them so I stood back I was just watching.  Suddenly one of the police officers came up and shoved me and told me to move it.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was just standing outside the pub, not doing anything, I told him I was going, when another policeman with a dog came up, the dog just started snapping at me.  The policeman didn’t do anything to stop the dog he just let him carry on.

Without any warning the dog jumped up at me and bit my thigh.  I called out in pain and fell down when I was on the floor the dog bit me again on the arm.  Blood was pouring out of me. The police tried to handcuff me but when they saw how bad it was they called and ambulance to take me to Hospital.

The bites and scarring were so bad that my grip strength was reduced and my hand and arm weren’t as strong as they used to be which affected me at work.

I wanted to do something about it as I didn’t feel it was right, everyone told me that you never win against the Police but I felt very strongly that the police dogs shouldn’t be allowed to just go around biting people who were not doing anything wrong.

I instructed Attwaters, after a very hard fought battle I got justice and my lawyer secured a lump sum award from the police.  Attwaters were brilliant and I felt they really had my back.  I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them again.”