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Mr AX recovered £1.5 Million

Negligent Surgery Claim Study

In this negligent surgery claim of Mr AX, failures in treatment led to severe complications and permanent damage to his spine. Attwaters successfully resolved the case resulting in a £1.5 Million compensation.

Patient Background

Mr AX had a history of spinal degeneration disease, necessitating medical intervention.

Negligent Failures

There were several failures in Mr AX’s treatment, including the failure to advise him that he was at a low risk of further degenerative spinal changes. Furthermore there was a failure to advise him of the conservative treatment options available.

Surgical Complications

As a result of negligence, Mr AX underwent surgery, resulting in permanent and extensive damage to his cauda equina.

Debilitating Consequences

Mr AX suffered debilitating neurological injury with psychological effects, leading to wheelchair dependence and dysfunction in bladder, bowel, and sexual functions. He is unable to work.  Additionally Mr AX requires care and assistance and adapted accommodation suitable for a wheelchair user.

Legal Proceedings

It was our case that but for the negligence Mr AX would not have undergone spinal surgery. Instead he would have opted for conservative treatment. Therefore he would have avoided his injuries.

Despite denial of liability by the Defendant Trust, Court Proceedings were initiated.  Consequently leading to extensive expert evidence being prepared for trial by both parties.

Mediation and Resolution

Mediation was pursued by the Attwaters team and a number of joint expert discussions took place in an attempt to avoid a costly trial. Ultimately Attwaters were responsible for the resulting successful resolution.

Compensation Award

We secured a significant award of £1.5 million in damages for Mr AX, providing him with necessary assistance and adaptations for the future.

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