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Mrs MX recovered £17,000

Clinical Negligence Case Study

Failure to diagnose shoulder dislocation following surgery

Mrs MX

Mrs MX had a history of pain and limited range of motion in her shoulder and required a total shoulder replacement.  Mrs MX underwent this procedure on a private basis.

Following the replacement surgery Mrs MX continued to suffer from pain and limited movement.  Mrs MX returned to her treating doctor a month post-surgery and an x-ray was carried out.  The x-ray showed a dislocation of the shoulder, but the treating clinicians failed to diagnose this correctly.

Mrs MX suffered 20 months of her shoulder being out of joint and the associated pain, suffering and loss of amenity.  In addition, she required a further shoulder replacement.  If the treating clinicians had correctly diagnosed the dislocated shoulder one moth post operatively Mrs MX could have had the dislocation repaired and would have therefore avoided a further replacement surgery.

We obtained supportive evidence from both a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and a Consultant Radiologist.  This identified that there were clear failures to note the dislocation of the shoulder one month post-operatively which caused the period of pain and suffering. In addition this evidence confirmed that the delay in diagnosis directly caused Mrs MX to require more extensive remedial treatment.

We were able to negotiate settlement in in this claim for £17,000.

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