I was crushed at work by a reversing lorry, I’m told I’m lucky to be alive.”

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I received compensation for my injuries, and the losses I suffered…

“I was working as a driver’s mate – I accompanied the driver to deliver goods around the country. I was there to unload the goods and assist the driver if needed.

On the night of the accident, the lorry used was a newer model with advanced warning systems, including cameras and an audio warning system, which beeped when reversing and gave verbal warnings. We reached our destination, and the driver stopped the lorry. I opened the backdoors then stood to one side whilst he reversed. He switched his engine off and we began unloading.

Another lorry arrived but there wasn’t enough room, so my driver had to move our lorry. My driver asked me to guide him when he was reversing. He pulled forward and I started to guide him, as he did so, I heard something fall inside the lorry and shouted to stop. He stopped and I went to the back of the lorry to investigate, some of the delivery had fallen. I was trying to sort it out when the driver started to reverse again! I couldn’t get out of the way and was crushed against the wall. I banged on the floor of the lorry, when my driver realised what had happened, he drove the lorry forward.

I was in a terrible state I took a few steps and fell to the ground, breathing heavily. I had suffered very serious injuries, the doctor told me I was lucky to be alive. I spent almost two months in hospital, I had pelvic fractures and needed surgery to repair the bowel, I was discharged from hospital with a stoma.

When I was well enough, I took legal advice. I went to Attwaters, I was treated really well from day one, they were friendly and helpful. My lawyer and her team explained things to me carefully. I was offered a no win no fee agreement, with insurance to protect me. From the outset my lawyer advised I had good prospects of winning. She sent a letter of claim to start the process, the defendant admitted liability but alleged that I was partly to blame because I walked behind a reversing lorry. This is not what happened. My lawyer demanded to see the CCTV footage, when she watched the film she said it showed nothing to support their case. It also transpired that the driver hadn’t used the audio warning system in the lorry, she advised me not to concede.

My lawyer arranged for independent doctors to see me. They advised on my recovery and prognosis. My lawyer then put together details of my losses, expenses, including future losses. She suggested a settlement meeting – a way of settling a case without going through the ordeal of a trial. As we were in lockdown due to COVID-19, the meeting was by video. It went really well, I was represented by a barrister and my lawyer, they explained everything to me as we went along. Various offers and counteroffers were made, and I was guided as to when to settle. After several hours we reached a settlement, I was really happy with the outcome. Not only did Attwaters help me get a good result they also advised me to protect my compensation in a Personal Injury Trust. I was referred to the Trust Team who have set this up for me.”

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