The recent change in the legal aid means test is a significant step forward, supporting families in inquests.

Easier Access to Legal Aid for Inquests: Good News for Families

Attwaters Accidents brings you important news for families involved in inquests. A recent change in the legal aid means test allows you to access legal aid sooner and cover costs incurred earlier in the case, not just for the inquest hearing itself.

This change removes the need for financial information during difficult times and ensures you receive essential legal advice and support from the beginning.

Enhanced Support for Inquests

Previously, legal aid for inquests was means-tested, limited to the inquest hearing only. But now, the availability of legal aid has expanded, allowing families to access support earlier and receive assistance throughout the process.

Benefits of Non-Means Tested Early Advice

Making early advice non-means tested eases the financial burden during challenging circumstances. It simplifies accessing legal advice in the early stages of an inquest and ensures proper support when applying for Exceptional Case Funding (ECF) for legal representation.

Cases That Benefit

The removal of the means test helps individuals facing difficult circumstances, including cases involving police involvement leading to death, systemic breaches of care concerns, and deaths related to mental illness under specific services.

Additional Changes and Improvements

Phase 1 of the changes to the legal aid means test includes other beneficial modifications. For example, the means test has been removed for individuals under 18 seeking legal aid in criminal advice, civil representation, and family help.

Parents seeking representation for a child facing life-sustaining treatment issues also benefit from the removal of the means test.

Implementation and Engagement

To ensure effective implementation, the change to legal help for inquests will be introduced one month after other changes. Engaging with organisations like the INQUEST Lawyers Group helps develop supporting materials for the new legal help assessment.

The recent change in the legal aid means test is a significant step forward, supporting families in inquests. By providing non-means tested early advice and expanding legal aid coverage, families can access crucial support sooner, reducing financial burdens and ensuring guidance throughout the process. This change aligns with the government’s commitment to improving experiences for bereaved families, emphasising accessible justice for all.

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