Sepsis Misdiagnosis



The tragic story of a young woman left fighting for her life after misdiagnosing Sepsis has hit the headlines recently. This is unfortunately not an uncommon situation. Sepsis is a condition caused by the body’s immune system responding abnormally to an infection and becoming overwhelmed by it. It can affect anyone at any age, however, it tends to be a particular danger to the very young and very old.

You’re more likely to develop sepsis after a viral illness like a cold, or a minor injury. One in four of all sepsis survivors suffer permanent and life-changing after effects. Signs and symptoms can be missed, or misdiagnosed as less serious conditions, particularly in children. It’s estimated that 14,000 lives a year could be saved by better and faster recognition of the symptoms amongst health care professionals and the general public.

The Specialist team at Attwaters Accidents are experts in Sepsis Misdiagnosis Claims.  We’ve found  recently that delayed diagnosis is not as rare a thing as it should be.

The Mirror reports:

“Georgia Coulson, 20, from Guildford, Surrey, spent a week partying in September 2021 during freshers which left her feeling run down with a fever.

But as the days passed, she grew concerned as her condition worsened.

Maths student Georgia claims she was dismissed twice with coronavirus over the phone before being misdiagnosed for a third time with appendicitis.

By the time Georgia reached A&E her body was going through septic shock and she was put into an induced coma for 16 days.

Now, she feels ‘lucky to be alive’ and hopes her story can raise awareness of sepsis.

She said: “I had never heard of sepsis before so I just assumed I had an intense version of freshers flu as I was partying a lot.”

Fortunately Georgia overcame sepsis. Despite increased focus on screening, sepsis deaths in England’s hospitals have risen. If you have suffered sepsis from the effects of medical negligence surrounding sepsis we are here to help.

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