Lung Disease Cases



Here at Attwaters Accidents we were shocked to read the BBC‘s recent report covering lung disease cases in the UK.

According to the article a new charity known as Asthma and Lung UK (ALUK) found that 500,000 people died from pneumonia, asthma and other respiratory conditions over a seven-year period. They go on to report that:

The academic study found that admission rates increased from 1,535 to 3,143 per 100,000 people between 1999 and 2019, before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe. The most common cause was influenza or pneumonia, chronic lower respiratory disease, or other acute lower respiratory infections.

ALUK, which relaunched on Monday having previously been known as Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, said one likely cause was air pollution, which is now connected to 36,000 premature deaths each year in the UK.

Around 7,000 of the deaths are in Scotland.

It said there was a link to deprivation, with people in the poorest neighbourhoods seven times more likely to die of a lung condition than those in the richest areas. That could be down to greater exposure to poor-quality damp housing, other forms of air pollution and cigarette smoke.

There are many reasons a person could suffer from lung disease – many are not caused by the person suffering. You may fall victim to lung disease if your work environment isn’t suitably ventilated, or you haven’t been provided with the right equipment for use in a situation where the air quality is compromised.

The report also states that:

The Department of Health said improving the lives of people with lung conditions was a “clinical priority”.

‘Third biggest killer’

The number of people admitted to hospital for lung conditions in England and Wales has doubled in the last 20 years, according to research published in November 2021.

…When deaths were compared across Europe, only Turkey had a higher per capita death rate than the UK, with people in Finland three times less likely to die from lung disease.

ALUK chief executive Sarah Woolnough described the death figures as a “national scandal”.

“The state of lung health in the UK is shameful, with the numbers of hospital admissions increasing, and air pollution causing people to develop lung conditions or making existing ones worse,” she said.

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