I tripped on a ridge formed in the tarmac… In the fall I broke my wrist, smashed my teeth, and suffered extensive bruising…”

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I am so pleased with how they looked after me…

Sheilagh from Bedfordshire (not her real name or location) Trips and Slips Claim

In the summer of 2013, I had recently turned 70, I was recovering from surgery for a repair to a heart valve. As part of my recovery, I took daily walks with my husband.

We liked to do a circular walk around the town, on this occasion we were on the homeward stretch, my husband was slightly ahead, suddenly and without warning I found myself hitting the ground really heavily. I was in terrible pain and shock – a neighbour kindly came to help and called an ambulance. When we looked around to see what had been the cause, it was clear I had tripped on a ridge, formed in the tarmac because of roots from trees growing along the hedgerow.

In the fall I broke my wrist, smashed my teeth, and suffered extensive bruising around my face, it was very painful and put back my recovery significantly. I had to have my teeth repaired which took months to complete at great expense and I was dependant on others to help me as my arm was out of action.

I thought no more of it until I spoke to a friend, she asked me if I had taken any legal advice because I might be entitled to compensation, she recommend Attwaters. At first, I wasn’t going to bother, but I had paid out a lot of money… I decided to write to the Council first to ask if they would reimburse my expenses. They would not agree so, I got in touch with Attwaters. They were really friendly and understanding, I explained what had happened and was told they’d happily take on my case. They offered me a no win no fee agreement, which meant I would not have to pay any legal fees unless my case was successful.

It was by no means a straightforward case but Attwaters explained things each step of the way. Attwaters told me the only way I could win the case was to show that the defect was something the Council should have noticed and logged for repair in their routine inspection carried out before my accident. My lawyer set about gathering evidence.

They found Google images of the location showing the same ridge where I fell, the images went back several years before my accident and importantly before the Council’s last inspection. The Council still wouldn’t accept liability. Attwaters did not give up.

My lawyer advised me that they believed there were good prospects of demonstrating to the Judge that there was little difference between the Google images and photographs taken after my accident. They also found inconsistencies in the records prepared by the Council Inspectors. I took their advice and I am really glad I did.

I’d never been through a trial before, but I was guided and supported by my lawyer and her team, she instructed a barrister to represent me and I am delighted to say we won.

I was not only compensated for all the expenses I had paid but I also recovered compensation for my injuries, and the Council had to pay the legal costs.

I was really delighted with the outcome, if I had not been directed to Attwaters I would probably have given up. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I am so pleased with how they looked after me and have taken up some of their other services.


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