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Mrs L recovered £140,000

We acted for Mrs L in a claim against a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Mr F.

We alleged that that Mr F was negligent in:-

  • Failing to perform surgery within 24 to 48 hours of diagnosing a macular-sparing retinal detachment on 27 February 2012.
  • Failing to diagnose elevated left eye intraocular pressure resulting from a silicone oil-filled anterior eye chamber on 3 July 2012.
  • Failing to effectively manage elevated left eye intraocular pressure by conducting urgent surgery (within 48 hours) to remove the oil from the anterior chamber.

Liability was denied.

Mrs L’s injuries included

  • Significantly reduced visual acuity in the left eye.
  • Drooping of the left upper lid.
  • Significantly reduced vision in the left eye.
  • Optic nerve damage

The parties exchanged ophthalmic, psychiatric and occupational therapy evidence and after an initial offer of £80,000 from Mr F damages were agreed in the sum of £140,000.

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