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Mr X recovered £20,000

Mr X suffered an injury to his right wrist on 12th October 2015. He attended the Accident and Emergency department, where a scan was taken of his wrist. The scan showed several abnormalities. These included soft tissue swelling amongst other issues. However, the reporting radiographer issued a report stating that there were no abnormalities seen in the scan.

Subsequent scans taken on 8th February 2016, showed the same abnormalities but they were missed.  On 11th May 2016 a CT scan was taken, which showed evidence of healing fractures.

There were multiple failings by the hospital in the care provided to Mr X. These included failure to correctly read the scans, taken in October 2015 and February 2016.  These scans should have led to the identification of the abnormalities and fractures. This then should have resulted in the correct treatment. However, this was not the case and the negligence resulted in months of ongoing pain and suffering for Mr X.

We argued that the x-rays of 12 October 2015 showed a fracture of the ring and small finger ,which the radiologist failed to be pick up. The radiologist failed to note the nature of the injury when there was sufficient evidence to show it must have been a complex injury and therefore required an early CT scan. The radiologist also failed to pick up the fracture when further x-rays were taken on 8 February 2016. They once again failed to pick it up on a CT scan taken on11 May 2016.

As a result of the failings by the hospital our client, a taxi driver, suffered pain and suffering and some loss of earnings. The Hospital admitted liability for Mr X’s injuries, and we agreed a settlement at £20,000.

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