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We helped with a dependency claim after a fatal accident.

On the day of the accident my husband and son had left for work early in the morning. I can remember suddenly jumping out of bed, sensing that something had happened to them and I had to find them.

I got in the car and drove in the same direction that I knew they would travel in. On the road ahead I could see blue flashing lights. The traffic had stopped, so I got out of my car and ran towards the lights. A police officer approached me and I could see the car in the ditch. I told the officer that my husband and son are in that car.

She told me that my husband had died, I dropped to the ground screaming. I then saw my son, he was injured but, thank God, he was alive. We left the scene and were taken to hospital. I was taken to identify my husband’s body and then given an envelope with his belongings and sent home.

My husband and I were childhood sweethearts, we had been together for 40 years and were so close that we knew what each other was thinking. He was an amazing man who looked after me and our children. Always putting us first, we never had a lot, but we were getting to a stage in our life where things were more comfortable for us.

Suddenly he was gone. He was taken away from his family through no fault of his own. I was told that because the accident was caused by the other driver I may be able to get some compensation to help us financially.

I went to see Attwaters. They were very friendly and understanding, and explained to me that I could make a dependency claim for the loss of income from my husbands earnings. Although I was not physically involved in the accident, the psychological trauma I was suffering could be more than normal grief. If that were the case, I may have a claim for the psychological trauma from seeing the accident scene.

Attwaters offered me a no win no fee agreement and arranged for me to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. He recommended treatment and my lawyer secured an interim payment to fund this treatment.

My lawyer worked out what the financial loss was to the family now that my husband’s wage was not coming in.  They also factored in the additional expenses I now had, because my husband was not there to help with DIY etc, she submitted a detailed claim.

After careful negotiation my solicitor secured a final settlement. I received compensation for the psychological trauma. I was also compensated for my loss of earnings for the period I could not work. In addition I was compensated for the loss of my husbands income, as well as the loss of the practical support he gave looking after the family home, which I would now have to pay others to do.

No amount of money will ever compensate for the loss of my husband and father of our children, but the help and support I received from Attwaters through this process was very much appreciated.

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