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Mrs S recovered £50,000

Delay in diagnosis of spinal cord compression – Mrs S on behalf of L.

Mrs S brought this claim on behalf of her late daughter, L .

L developed symptoms of significant pain and had difficulty walking unaided and so attended the Defendant hospital on an emergency basis.  Whilst in hospital L’s symptoms worsened and she developed loss of power in her lower limbs.  She also lost control of her bowel and bladder control.

A number of investigations were inconclusive, and she was eventually taken by ambulance to a different hospital.

Here an MRI reported tumours in LS’s foot and spine.  Surgery was carried out but too much damage had been caused and she was left paralysed.

The hospital carried out an internal investigation which noted that there were several failures including a failure to appreciate the emergence of spinal cord compression symptoms.

It was our case that but for these failures L would have avoided the loss of bladder and bowel function and avoided paralysis of her lower limbs.  L sadly passed away as a result of cancer, but it was our case that but for the negligence she would have had a better quality of life before her death.

Supportive medical evidence was obtained and a settlement figure of £50,000 was secured for Mrs S.

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