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Mr H recovered £40,000

We acted for Mr H in a dental negligence case against Dr S.

Mr H had been seeing Dr S for over 10 years. Dr S was supposed to provide implants which were fit for purpose. He failed to do this and eventually the case was brought to the attention of the General Dental Council. Subsequently Mr H approached us. After obtaining details of the costs of rectifying the damage, caused by Dr S’s negligence, we recovered £40,000 for Mr H. 

Our client Mr H went to see Dr S for dental implants and they have been falling since the first day he saw him back in 2004.

Our client was given no information about the denture fixings or how to maintain them. Dr S removed teeth from our client’s upper jaw, during which time he managed to break the jaw and called a hospital surgeon in to check it. The denture was fitted but after two months it became loose, so Dr S sent our client to a technician who changed the sockets in the denture. This happened three times. On his last visit to the technician he was told the titanium bar fixings were inadequate. Our client tried to make do, with adhesive to stick the denture over the implant post. When this did not work, he went to see Dr S again who fitted magnets but, again, these were useless.

In 2014 Dr S agreed to re-fix the implants. The client attended and Dr S said he would do it that day. The client asked whether it would be best to have x-rays to recheck his bone density (which Dr S was not going to do). The x-rays showed there was inadequate bone in the upper jaw to re-fix the implants.

It is clear that valid consent for treatment was not obtained. There was a failure to diagnose peri-implant disease and bone loss. Mr H also received inadequate standard of care in relation to both the implants and the dentures. Mr H approached us and we obtained expert evidence on what Dr S had done wrong and how much it would cost to put it right. The case was settled for £40,000.

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