Find out how

Mrs M recovered £20,000

In the summer of 2016 Mrs M was seeking information and advice about rhinoplasty surgery.

On 22 July 2016 she saw Mr M an ENT Surgeon.

Mr M Booked Mrs M for an appointment on 10 August 2016 for rhinoplasty treatment.

On 10 August 2016 he carried out cosmetic rhinoplasty and excision lesion forehead.

Mrs M was discharged home and on 17 August 2016 attended for removal of sutures.

On 24 August Mrs M returned to see Mr M because she was concerned about the appearance of the columella scar.

Mrs M was unhappy with her appearance following the rhinoplasty and sought an opinion about the outcome of the rhinoplasty surgery because of her concerns about the shape of her nose. The surgeon she saw noted her nostrils were uneven, the tip was asymmetric, there was an over-corrected bridge and an excess supratip.

Mrs M raised her concerns to Mr M but he did not offer to take any steps to rectify the problems he had caused

Mrs M consulted Another consultant plastic surgeon, and in September 2017 underwent revision rhinoplasty under his care.

We sent a claim to Mr M and managed to obtain £20,000 compensation for Mrs  M which covered the cost of the further surgery she underwent and a significant amount for her physical and mental suffering.