My son fell and broke his elbow when playing on a trampoline at a local farm park.”

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He was compensated for his injuries and the risk of further symptoms in the future…

It was a Bank Holiday weekend. I took my children to a local family farm.  We were having a wonderful day, Charlie and his sisters were using one of the trampolines on the farm’s grounds.  There was no supervision from any of the staff at the farm. There were no rules in place as to how many children should be on the trampoline at the same time.

After a short time I heard Charlie cry out, he had fallen and hurt his elbow.  We went straight to the Emergency Department. It became apparent that Charlie had fractured his elbow and he ended up needing 3 operations.

Charlie recovered well, but he was in a lot of pain and discomfort. Charlie managed to trudge on as children do. He started to get teased at school because his arm looked different. He became really self-conscious and  ended up not wanting to go to school. When he had to go in, he started getting really upset.

I got in touch with Attwaters and they agreed to take the case on. The farm originally denied liability and said they had done nothing wrong. They said that they had signs up to say that parents should supervise their children when in the farm and park areas.

I felt like they were blaming me, but they put activities on for children, so they ought to make sure they were being carried out safely. There were so many children and families joining in the activities, I couldn’t tell another child to get off the trampoline and wait their turn.  Attwaters successfully challenged their defence and with much argument they secured compensation for Charlie.

It wasn’t straight forward, because Charlie was so young and his skeleton and bones were still growing. But, Attwaters held my hand through the whole process to ensure I got the right compensation for Charlie.

We had advice from a barrister who represented us at Court, to get the compensation approved by a judge and invested until Charlie was 18.  He will earn interest on the money and can use it at any time, if he needs to. It will be paid out to him when he turns 18.

They also had to pay my expenses. This covered all the time off work I had to take during his surgery, plus recovery at hospital and home, along with my travel to all of his appointments and there were a lot!

I am so grateful to Attwaters for all their help.”

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