“I burnt my hand on an exposed light bulb…

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I received proper compensation for my injury

I was on my lunch break and popped to my local haunt to pick something up for lunch.  I reached into the cabinet to pick up a soup from the display and felt immediate and excruciating pain.  I looked down at my hand and it was bright red.  I looked to see what had happened and saw that one of the lightbulbs was exposed and hanging down.  I had brushed the top of my hand on the light bulb as I reached in.

The staff gave me a cold compress and a free soup. I filled out the accident book and took some photos of the display and the lightbulb and wrote to them afterwards with picture of the burn as it blistered and then scarred.

They ignored me. I couldn’t believe it.  I was so annoyed. When they did reply they said that the lights weren’t hot enough to cause an injury and no one else had hurt themselves before!

I instructed Attwaters they argued my case and secured proper compensation for my pain and suffering.

The burn was painful for a good few weeks and left a red scar on my hand.  It made everything difficult over that time as I was so cautious whilst the scar was healing and my hand was so sensitive.

I am glad I got justice in the end not only did they pay me compensation they also put signs up after my accident to warn people so no one got hurt in the future.”