Brain Injury Awareness Week Starts 16th May 2022



Action For Brain Injury Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of brain injury and give a voice to those affected, it runs from 16-22

In recognition of Brain Injury Awareness Week we wanted to put the focus on Penny Fitzpatrick in our latest blog.

Penny is a specialist Brain Injury lawyer who has over 15 years experience in dealing with the complexities of Brain Injury Claims. Cases include that of MXG which involved a delayed diagnosis of sub arachnoid haemorrhage resulting in a 2.75 million payout. In the case of LM, their delayed diagnosis of encephalitis resulted in a 1.8 million payout.

Brain Injury Specialist

“I am passionate about using my skills and experience to provide support and make a difference to brain injured clients and their families, to obtain access to rehabilitation, therapies and care.” Penny Fitzpatrick

Penny has been part of the Attwaters team for 2 years. Her accreditations and accolades are numerous and include being an Accredited Member of the Specialist Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel.  She’s also recognised by Legal 500 2022 as a key lawyer with one commentator saying ‘The main thing that I feel is that when I talk to her she actually listens to what I am saying’ and another  ‘Our solicitor, Penny Fitzpatrick, has helped us stay within the time constraints at each stage.’ She is Recognised by The Good Lawyer Guide for outstanding legal practice and is a Member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

“The service I have received from Penelope in building my case ready for court proceedings has been very helpful and efficient, always contacting me and keeping me up to date on where we are.”
Legal 500 2022

“When I talk to her she actually listens to what I am saying.”
Legal 500 2022

As a firm Attwaters Accidents fully support raising the profile of brain science. We are proud members of the brain injury group, which exists to help individuals and families affected by brain injury, and the health and social care professionals working in this specialist field.

The team at Attwaters is here for anyone who has suffered from a brain injury sustained through personal injury or medical negligence. Our specialist experts have successfully helped many people with brain injury claims.

Find out about of Mr Z his case was successfully resolved resulting in a multi-million payout, when he experienced a bleed on the brain following an accident at work.

In the case of FB the Attwaters team recovered £4 million after a misdiagnosis resulted in FB developing pneumococcal meningitis and sustaining irreversible brain damage and deafness.

Attwaters Accidents is the Medical Negligence and Personal Injury department of the trusted, long-established firm Attwaters Jameson Hill.